Why is it called Liquid?

I originally used a podcast program called Juice but was tired of it not having the functionality I wanted so decided to write my own, as it was inspired by Juice the name Liquid seemed apt.

Feed management

How do I add a new feed?

The simplest way is to click the ‘Add a feed’ button on the main toolbar, this will then display a small window, simply entering the feed url into the ‘Url’ box and clicking ‘Save’ should be enough, this will method will query the feed and automatically populate the feed title for you.

How do I edit an existing feed?

You can either double click on the selected feed in the feed list or select the feed and then select ‘Tools > Edit a feed…’ via the main menu bar.

How do I delete an existing feed?

You can either select the feed in the feed list and press ‘Delete’ on your keyboard or select the feed and then select ‘Tools > Delete a feed…’ via the main menu bar. Both options will display an confirmation prompt before the feed is removed from the feed list.

Why can’t I edit the feed title once it has been created?

This is because the feed title is used to create a sub-directory in your chosen podcast root directory, editing the feed title would mean podcasts for the same feed would be in multiple places.

Podcast management

How do I download a single podcast?

To downloaded a single podcast you first have to select the corresponding feed, this will load the list of podcasts associated with that feed in the podcast table, by default any required podcasts are selected. To select a podcast to download simply tick the required podcast and then click the ‘Download selected podcasts’ button on the main toolbar.

How do I download multiple podcasts?

This is the same as downloading a single podcast except you select multiple podcasts in the podcast table before clicking the ‘Download selected podcasts button’.

Download management

How do I play a downloaded podcast?

You can either double-click on the completed download or right-click for the context menu and then left-click to select Play, both options will play the selected download in your default media player for the downloaded file type.

How do I remove a downloaded podcast from the list?

To remove a downloaded podcast select the podcast and then either press the ‘Delete’ key on right-click to bring up the context menu and left-click on ‘Cancel’.

Please note that this will not remove the file from your computer.

Program options

How do I schedule an automated download?

This can be done by opening up the options screen under ‘Tools > Options’, the automated download option is listed under the option ‘Check for new podcasts at the specified time’. To enable it you must ensure the tick box is ticked after which you can enter the required time you wish the download to start then to save the settings you need to click the ‘Save’ button. If any UAC prompts appear then click through these otherwise your scheduled download will not be stored.

Please note that Liquid should not be running at the time of the scheduled download otherwise it will not work.

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