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Streaming media to the Wii

Even though the Wii does not come with built-in media streaming capabilities, unlike the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, you can use a piece of freely available software to do it yourself.

You will need the following:

  • A PC running Windows XP or newer
  • A Wii running on the same network as the PC
  • The Internet Channel installed on the Wii

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Download and run the TVersity software available at (external link), leave all of the options set to their default settings to ensure the software is started on each boot. You do not need to install the search bar in order for the software to function correctly. Completing the installation will load the TVersity interface, load the TVersity service and begin indexing the content on the PC.
  • You now need to find the PC’s IP address so that we can connect to it from the Wii. The simplest method is to open the Windows Start menu and choose Run. Type “cmd” into the box and click OK. This will bring up a command prompt; type in “ipconfig /all” and hit Enter. Look for your default network connection, usually called “Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection” and take note of the IPv4 address, it should look like this: “”.
  • Load up your Wii and open the Internet Channel, on the start page click Web Address and in the box type in the following, replacing the X’s with the IP address of the PC retrieved earlier: “”.
  • You should now see a menu containing Audio, Photos and Videos listed, if no files are listed from the PC it may take some time for the TVersity software to completely index the folders on the PC. Selecting a file will re-encode that file on the PC on the fly so that it can be displayed on your Wii.
  • Remember to bookmark the address you entered by clicking the star icon on the Internet Channel’s menu bar.