Fix Windows Update error code 80240025

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Please note that this fix was tested on Windows Vista but should work on other versions of Windows.

Recently I was experiencing some issues with a Windows Vista machine not updating from Windows Update correctly, eventually it was tracked down to a single registry key in the following location:


If you set the DisableWindowsUpdateAccess flag to 0 then it should now work, if you do not want to do this manually you can also download a fix below:

Windows Update Error - Code 80240025 Fix (6739 downloads )

9 thoughts on “Fix Windows Update error code 80240025”

  1. Danke!!!! Ich habe dieses lästige Problem Dank dir in 10 sec. gelöst.
    Könnte nur alles so leicht zu beheben sein. Es macht mehr mühe das zu schr6eiben als das problem zu lösen. Danke Danke….

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