Nokia 5230 codes

There are a number of “secret” codes that can be entered on Symbian phones in particular the Nokia 5230, if your phone asks for the unlock code at any point the default value is 12345.

*#0000#Software/Firmware Version
Shows your software and firmware version, including information such as Software version, Software version date, Custom version, Custom version date, Language set, Model, Type and Latest update
*#06#IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number
Shows your IMEI number, each mobile phones number is unique
*#7780#Soft Reset Code
Restores the default factory settings without affecting your contacts, messages, files, etc
*#7370#Hard Reset Code
Will erase all data, including contacts, messages, files, etc. on the phone returning it back to its default factory settings. It is best practice to backup your settings and removing your memory card before using this option
*#2820#Bluetooth Device Address
Shows the devices Bluetooth device address for manually connecting to a Bluetooth device (Note that Bluetooth must be turned on before entering this code)
*#92702689#Life Timer
Shows the total outgoing call minutes since the last hard reset.

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