Grand Theft Auto IV command line options

Below is a list of various command line options that can be used with Grand Theft Auto IV (4) (external link) on the PC:


-benchmarkRuns the benchmark tool and exits the game
-helpDisplays a list of command line options






-novblankDisable vsync
-norestrictionsDo not limit graphic settings within the game
-safemodeRuns the graphics in the lowest setting possible

Limits frames to a multiple of the refresh rate

i.e. if your refresh rate is 60Hz then setting this to 1 would locks the frame limit at 60

-availablevidmemSet amount of available physical video memory
-percentvidmemPercentage of video memory available to the game


-fullspecaudioForce high-end CPU audio
-minspecaudioForce low-end CPU audio


-noprecacheDisable the precaching of resources
-nomemrestrictDisable memory restrictions

You can these commands easily by creating a commandline.txt file within your default GTA IV install folder (the default is C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IV), put each command on its own line to run multiple commands at once.

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