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Development resources

Below is a list of resources that can be used for developing video games.


Color Scheme Designer 3 – A interactive web page for generating a colour scheme.

COLOURlovers – A website that can be used to get inspiration for colour palettes, patterns or even just individual colours.

Rainbow colours – A web page listing the HTML and RGB codes for the colours of the rainbow.


CSS3 Generator – A web page for generating CSS3 specific code for various CSS commands such as border radius, box shadow, text shadow, etc.


dafont.com – A website containing both free and commercial fonts.

Font Awesome – A font specially designed for web use which contains 369+ web-related actions, such as a settings icon.

Graphics – 2D

GIMP – An open source alternative to Photoshop which includes a wide range of plugins.

GIMP extensions – A compliation of GIMP extensions, plugins, scripts, brushes, etc.

Graphics – 3D

Blender – An open source 3D modelling software.

Blender 2.5 cheat sheet – A PDF of useful keyboard shortcuts to be used when using Blender.


MusicRadar – A music website containing a vast array of samples that can be used in your music.

Shockwave Sound – A website containing royalty-free music and sound effects.

Incompetech – More royalty-free music.

JewelBeat – Even more royalty-free music.

Catooh – An online media marketplace for images, video, songs, sounds and effects.


CLR Profiler – Microsoft’s own .NET profiler, can be hard to use but one of the few free .NET profilers around.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer – Can be used to monitor performance of 3D programs, helping to identify any performance issues.

Sound Effects

Bfxr – A web based program for generating basic sound effects.

Wilhelm scream – The famous Wilhelm scream which can be heard in a wide variety of places, see Wikipedia for more information.

Freesound.org – A database of Creative Commons Licenced sounds.

Soundsnap – A database of professional paid sound effects.

VoiceBunny – Provider of professional voice actors.

Catooh – An online media marketplace for images, video, songs, sounds and effects.

Technical Notes

A sampling of shadow techniques

Understanding half-pixel and half-texel offsets