The latest release of Liquid is 1.0.0.

Please note all versions prior to version 1.0.0 will need to be manually uninstalled before installing.



Added a third download mode, user can now select from the following:

  • All podcasts
  • All podcasts since last download
  • Latest podcast only, skips older podcasts

Tooltips for download podcasts are stored locally and are displayed when hovering over the download.

Added date and number sorting to all datagrids.

Added splash screen to launch.

Updated “About” copyright year.

Removed experimental tag from episode number extraction.


Closing Liquid whilst program is minimised saves size on reload.

Multiple issues with missing iTunes image link.

Podcast files are ordered correctly when using the management utility.

Refresh feed total file size after files are deleted via management utility.

Feed image which cannot be loaded display “Image Unavailable”.

Opening a second feed whilst the first feed is still loading closes the first feed.

Non-square feed images are no longer distorted.



Basic feed file management has now been implemented, right-clicking a feed and select Manage will open a new window where you can delete selected podcasts.

Podcast tooltips have been rewritten to handle (X)HTML correctly.

Media type selection has been added, this also solves an issue with feeds not displaying non-mp3 files. This was mainly due to incorrect feed setup.



Liquid can now be minimised to the system tray.

ID3 tag updates have been enhanced to update the following attributes:

  • Album
  • Artist

Loading of historical downloads has been added to the program log.

Status bar now contains a numerical breakdown of the historical downloads.

User can now delete all historical downloads, note this does not delete the actual file from your computer.


Closing the window whilst minimised no longer loses size and position settings.

Publication date parsing has been tweaked to allow a day of ‘Tues’.



Ability to view archived logs via the menu.

Attempt to extract the track number from the podcast title.

Add the extracted track number to the tooltip.

Option to write the extracted track number to the ID3 tag.

Increased download refresh rate to 5 seconds from 1 second, speed and time remaining will refresh slower but hopefully more accurately.

Moved the version check to a separate thread in order to decrease start up time.


Tweaked publication date parsing to handle days entered as words better.

Issue with reselecting a podcast to download after it has been cancelled.

When a queued download is allowed to start close and reopen the network connection to avoid server timeout.



Added the podcast publication date to the list of podcasts.

You can now schedule up to a maximum of three scheduled updates.

Added an tooltip containing extra information when hovering over a podcast when viewing a feed’s podcasts.

Trace logs will now be archived for a fixed period before being deleted, this should help when debugging a particular issue.

Improved error handling when a feed cannot be retrieved successfully, a prompt should now display to the user. Note this will not appear when using either catchup method.

Minimise potential UAC prompts by only setting up the tasks if the values have been changed.


Changed to deselect podcast when download begins.

Do not refresh the feed list when adding a feed or editing a feed if the user cancels the input.

If a download errors then update the podcast status so that it does not stay on ‘Downloading’.



Update task scheduler library to version 1.4.1.


Fixed bug with scheduler and Windows XP.

Fixed bug when clicking “Catchup all feeds” and feed list is empty.

Fixed bug when clicking “Catchup selected feed” and feed list is empty.

Fixed bug when deleting all feeds.

Better handling of errors when cancelling a downloading podcast.


Initial release.