Installing Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7

When recently upgrading my work PC to Windows 7 Enterprise I was told that I needed to uninstall Virtual PC 2007 before installation. I did this but as I use it for website compatibility testing I needed to reinstall it afterwards. I found that Virtual PC 2007 has been superseded by Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 so I installed that instead, the only problem is my work PC does not support hardware virtualisation and as such I could not use it. I then tried to reinstall Virtual PC 2007 but kept getting the following error:

Virtual PC 2007 Installation Message

Read the rest of the article in order to see how to get around this.

It turns out you can install Virtual PC 2007 but you need to uninstall Windows Virtual PC first, this can be found under the ‘Control Panel’ applet ‘Programs and Features’ and then clicking on ‘View installed updates’, it should be near the bottom listed as ‘Windows Virtual PC’ once it has been uninstalled then you can install Virtual PC 2007.

Uninstall Windows Virtual PC

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