Encode video using PSP Video 9

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1) Select the required profile appropriate to the firmware version you have installed on your PSP.

PSP Video 9 - Profile Selection

2) Edit the profile by clicking ‘Edit Profile’, this allows you to make various modifications most of which should be left at the default.

3) If you have a multi-core CPU i.e. a dual core or quad core such as the Q6600 you can set the ‘Number of Threads’ under Video > Advanced 1. Note that this will modify one of the fields on another tab so if you edit the profile again the number of threads will be set back to one.

PSP Video 9 - Edit Profile - Video

4) Most of the videos that I create when encoding come out too quiet so I increase the volume (%) under the Audio options.

PSP Video 9 - Edit Profile - Audio

5) Save the profile settings by clicking ‘Save’.

6) Go to Convert > Current Conversion, do not use the VideoWizard as this will not use any of the profile changes that you did.

PSP Video 9 - Current Conversion

7) Click ‘Convert Video’ and select the file to encode for playing on your PSP.

PSP Video 9 - Select Dialog

8) Edit the title within the ‘Edit Queue Item’ box and select the profile that you modified within the drop down list and then click ‘Start’. This will begin the encoding of the selected file.

9) You can now select extra files repeating steps 7-8, each file will then be encoded in sequence.

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